January 19, 2014 – The Third Step to the Heart: Heart Feeling

1/19/14 Rev. David McArthur
The Third Step to the Heart: Heart Feeling

Today we get to the good stuff, our third step—heart feeling. Our brain is so good at figuring things out we use it by default, but it can only get you to the heart. Entry into the heart, the connection to the infinite, is through heart feeling. The way there is love. But it is not the natural response when we are upset. In difficulty, or just uncomfortable moments, we give our comfort over to someone else. But there is so much love in the heart that we only need to touch a small part of it to get into it. An easy way is appreciation.

Feeling appreciation is what takes us into the power, peace, harmony, and abundance. I was downtown shopping recently and took too long to cross the street. The cars moved closer impatiently till I got to the sidewalk. A motorcycle officer pulled up and addressed me with anger that was far beyond anything that I had caused. Easily embarrassed and trained as a lawyer to point out the other person’s weaknesses, I so wanted to engage him. However, aware of my feelings, I put my hand on my heart and went to appreciation to get into my heart. Now, every grandparent knows that no matter what’s going on, they always feel love when they appreciate their grandchildren. So I refrained from adding to his anger. When he was through getting in my face he left and didn’t even give me a ticket.

Your heart does not give you power over others, but it does give you power over you, and that’s who you are responsible for. You do not need to appreciate the pain the other is in, nor participate in it and make his pain any greater. What you can do is find your freedom. Make that choice to enter into a spiritual connection.

You have the ability to walk this world in peace. You are an infinite being of magnificent power which is always there. When you begin to feel the other way, you have a tool. Enter into the feeling—appreciate God is good all the time! That goodness is in your heart and you have access to it all the time. It’s there! Even weeks after a difficult experience, it’s there!

Step one: self-awareness. Step two: heart focus. Now step three: Heart feeling. You have power. On this, Krishnamurti said, “You will discover that for you, the world transforms.” And an amazing thing happens: the more you find your peace, the easier it is for all others. For your heart being that way, I thank you!