July 22, 2012 – Knowledge Precedes Transformation

7/22/12 Rev. David McArthur

Knowledge Precedes Transformation

Have you ever felt “in the dark”, in the middle of something unfolding, but you didn’t have a clue? Or have you been in the unfolding and known you were in it—that you could get through it ? That time you had illumination.

“The light of God illuminates my path.”

It starts with knowledge. Knowledge precedes transformation. We acquire knowledge so we can be here successfully in the 3D world. Then we begin to gain knowledge of the fourth dimension, the spiritual side of life. So we study it so our mind can say it’s all right to accept this 4D.

“The light of God illumines my path.”

Betty Sheets, a nurse, was afraid of her anger-filled father but nevertheless wanted to comfort him in his suffering from lung disease. She sensed his fear in his pain. She shared how, by entering into prayer, she had worked through the overwhelming fear she had experienced. She described how she gathered the fear into her hands, and holding them out, how she let God take the fear from her. Her father angrily said that God was against him. He went on to say how he had prayed to God in the midst of a deep crisis, and that God had not helped him. She felt compassion for her father, seeing how alone he had felt all these years since then. Through her spiritual understanding, she helped him see that God had answered his prayer all those years ago, because his failure at that time turned him to the career in which he had excelled. That was the business that allowed him to provide so very well for his family. She had looked for that One—that single mind—and shared the illumination, knowing there is something greater.

“The light of God illumines my path.”

The knowledge is wonderful but it doesn’t give the freedom. Choose compassion. Choose the light. The light illumines your path, which is filled with goodness!