November 8, 2009 – Cinderella (part 2): Mystical Union

Rev. David McArthur

As we ponder the now moment, we might think of ourselves slicing time into ever thinner slices like a biologist slicing a specimen for a microscope slide. A video freeze frame is another good analogy in which a moment is frozen. That is the now. An instant in which motion and progression are not apparent– there is only the stop-action of the moment. Imagine how our solar system would look “in the now”– like a photo or drawing showing all the planets suspended in their orbits. As we ponder, we get the feeling the planets are bursting to move, they have to. The measure of potential energy ready to act is beyond our reckoning. If the planets don’t move, we feel they will explode, the potential energy is so great.

Isn’t this the potential Charles Fillmore directed us to appropriate with our intention? Remembering who we are with our minds and feeling or experiencing that knowledge with our hearts, we can, in the now moment, direct our potential to make it real. It can become reality. In the now moment when things appear to be suspended, we can nudge things into the right direction. We can “intend” them to be what fulfills our heart’s desire.  We can manifest the life we came here to live. Just as Cinderella slipped her foot into the glass slipper and claimed her right place in the kingdom, we too can slip into the now moment whenever possible in our busy day, if only for a second. In the now moment, we can direct our potential by envisioning our lives lived to their fullest, our potential becoming manifest. We can claim our rightful place in the Kingdom, and “live happily ever after”.

— Your Prayer Team