September 11, 2011 – An Experience of God

9/11/11 Rev. David McArthur

When a broad survey asked, “What is it that you are looking for (in your church)?”, a large proportion answered that it was the personal experience of the presence of God. On a trip to the ancient section of the city of Jerusalem, I saw a group of obviously devout women. One smiled directly at me, and I felt waves of love. It was a gift. It awakened my feelings of love, and that it was “feeling” that was the way I was touching the presence of divine love. Through our feeling nature we are able to expand our awareness– to realize what is giving the feeling is the movement of divine spirit through us.
Remember someone you really appreciate. What is it that you appreciate about this person? Next, feel the appreciation, not just think of it. Move from thought to feeling. Feel how the energy comes up in you, a movement, a flow of Spirit through you. Appreciation is part of love. There is a delight in appreciating another, and the energy that comes up in you. Your ability to feel love is the movement of the presence of God through you. Anytime you touch that love you feel the goodness, the awareness, the experience of the presence of God in you.
Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father…I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.” You are one with the divine. It is seamless from there to the presence of the divine when you see the light that you are– that energy– flow. How do we sense it? Through feelings.
Remember, God is good all the time! So what about the sad or negative feelings that drain us? They are the grief that we are not seeing the goodness, when we don’t feel the presence. But we know we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual world governed by spiritual law. And we know through feelings we touch the presence, and through appreciation we touch our feelings, and that it is easy to get to appreciation.
Feel the presence. You can’t get away from it. Everything is God. It is the wisdom, the light, the power that flows through you. Sad feelings are you ignoring that. So once a day this week, stop and go to appreciation. Feel the presence– that goodness. You are that love. Because we’ve seen you, we seen the Father! Bless you!

September 4, 2011 – For This I’ve Come, Lord Let Me…

9/4/11 Sheila Gautreaux, L.U.T.

Everyone has challenges. When you are thinking, “Why me?”, why not you? Recall the story of Jesus in the desert (Matthew 4, 1-11). Metaphysically, the wilderness is the subconscious with all the erroneous beliefs– the things we think we’ve learned or have been told about ourselves. Jesus’ fasting shows we are to deny these erroneous human beliefs. And even for Him, when He needed to be cleansed of them, they came on harder than ever. So we must “fast” from them whenever they come up. The forty days signifies completion, which was then followed by hunger. That’s when those ideas tiptoe back. But we hunger for truth – to have it so badly– we will give those ideas up. We must listen to them to know them, but have a “comeback”– your truth that you have the power within you to overcome whatever challenges you. The word “Lord” in the Bible means the universal “law”. You cannot tempt the law, nor manipulate the universal law. If you align with it, everything works out. “Get behind me.” means “I no longer listen to you.”

Come into your self. Find where you are out of alignment with the law. Ask, “What am I not seeing?” OMG! A challenge can shift quickly when you find where you are out of alignment with the law. Everything is preparing you. What has happened to you really happens for you. You are being forged. Take your eye off the challenge. You are about to be called upon for something much grander than before. You are being prepared. Be grateful.

Five things to do when there is a challenge.

1. Tell your story. Pour your story out.
2. Feel it. Behind the feeling is the healing.
3. Look up. Above the condition. See the perfection in it as it plays out.
4. Reach up for your higher truth. Pray. Meditate. Read. Join a group.
5. Get up. Stand. Know God is there and will not leave you comfortless and is always with you.

And smile. Pray, “For this I have come. Let me do and say all you have put me here for. Thank you God. I am grateful. Even for the challenges which make me to be who I came here to be. Amen and Awomen!”