November 17, 2013 – Ignite Your Life

11/17/13 Rev. Jim Lee
Ignite Your Life

The kingdom of Heaven is right here, right now! The truth of our reality is abundance and prosperity and we need to manifest it. If you know and experience and demonstrate the complete experience of God Almighty as our source, you will create wealth and health. Charles Fillmore said that this is not a theory, but a demonstrated fact. Now is the time to open your mind and see. It’s like air—you need to breath it in to get it. Your prosperity is yours alone and you alone must get it. It’s not about money, but God, about being in the presence of divine flow, including financial prosperity. Some don’t want money because of some things in the Bible, as “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” But this is a misrepresentation. Jesus was pointing out that the rich man wasn’t into God as much as he was into money.

Yes, God Is Good All The Time. Do you trust in it—like when you are cut off in traffic? Do you pause and say to yourself, “God has got this, really!” Trust the process! Focus in on the truth: the magnificence of God. Keep you eye on God more than the condition or situation. I put a bowl of my dog’s favorite food on the floor but told him to wait. His eyes stayed focused on mine and he never broke his gaze until I told him it was ok to eat. We have to stay focused on God, not the manifestation of our fears that we project into our world. Will Smith, in “Beyond Earth”, tells his son that danger is real, but fear is optional. He told his son that in the midst of danger, get grounded and take yourself out of the moment and focus on truth. You can choose not to fear by staying focused.

We have mis-programmed our subconscious, which is where the power is. The ‘chemicalization” in the subconscious is then projected into our world. When we introduce a positive thought into a sea of mis-belief and negative programming, it seems all Hell breaks loose. This is called the 2nd force. The bubbling up of the 2nd force shows what needs to be healed. It is actually a good thing because it reveals the stuff we need to heal! So say “Oh goodie! Make my day!” It’s an opportunity to grow! On the other side is healing, prosperity. Life like never before! Tap into your divine birthright. You can have Heaven on Earth right now. Say, “Oh goodie! Make my day!”