July 17, 2016 – Spiritual Access Code

07/17/16 Rev. David McArthur
Spiritual Access Code”

 With my wife’s murder and my suddenly finding myself a single parent, my consciousness was one of anger and pain and loss. I was in a state of emotional chaos. I went to the form of prayer I call desperation. I didn’t know anything else.

It was maybe a month later, as Lisa turned one, I put her on the floor in front of the couch and I sat down. Sitting there I went into a feeling of amazing, blissful love, loosing consciousness of what’s around me. As I returned from this feeling I saw Lisa playing quietly, happily, as she had with her mother. I realized my resentment and hatred were gone! I was at peace, a deep peace we call forgiveness. Wanting to know how deep this was, I met with “him” at the state mental facility. There was still pain and a great sense of loss, but it didn’t control me! Something had happened. The emotional turmoil was gone.

I wanted to know about this. I began this study. Not much of the spiritual or religious information helped me. I found more answers through science. HeartMath had found that when we connect with our heart we step into a different state of being. They measured it scientifically. But I saw the spiritual side. They had discovered the access code to stepping into a different state of consciousness.

I know we’ve all had great emotional experiences, and everyday ones. Are you willing to transform this week’s flavor of chaos? It’s a process you can easily learn. When I was on that couch, what happened right before I felt that blissful love? My daughter was playing as if she were with her mother, and my heart opened wide and then I felt the love (the access code).

It’s a simple way that has worked for me and many others again and again. HeartMath showed what happens physically when we remember when our heart was full—the access code. They said to remember a time like when you stood on a mountain top, or when you played with a puppy.

Much later, when our kids were in high school, our mantra every morning was “hurry before you miss the bus!” But one morning we did miss the bus! Now what? I new there was no good answer. If you’re like me, you check in your heart after nothing else has worked. What did I have to lose? So I went to my heart to remember a time when my heart was full. I remembered when Kathryn and I were in Hawaii and we took a ride on a raft out to see the whales. It was absolutely wonderful!

Well, my kids were all stressed out, too. But I realized I had been late for work before and the universe had gone on! So we put on some music and headed down the road in a different state of consciousness. I was looking forward to my day. I felt happy and was appreciating my kids. Moments before I was judgmental and stressed and setting up a stressful day. But I remembered when my heart was full! What a difference.

This week there might be some stress for you. When that comes up: I remember when my heart was full! I remember when my heart was full! I remember when my heart was full! Show up as who you really are!